Exciting Times

It’s that time of year when a lot of my time is dedicated to the Business Analysis Conference Europe in London. For the last two years I have been privileged to have been part of the organising committee for this event and as we draw near to this historic tenth anniversary (I think I have been attending for the last six years – Lesley from IRM would no doubt be able to tell me) I find myself in reflective mood and thought I’d share some observations on what makes this event such an important one from a personal perspective.

I’ve learnt a huge amount – the sessions I have attended have provided so many insights into the business analyst role and skills that I can’t begin to quantify them

I’ve seen some brilliant speakers – it would be unfair to single out individuals but it’s true to say that some of the presentations I’ve seen have quite literally changed my life

I’ve met some great and inspirational people – again I’m not going to single out individuals (I’ll save that for my retirement speech) but it’s been a real pleasure meeting the wide range of BAs and other speakers that I have encountered over the years

I’ve developed my skills – if you attend the conference you can’t help but do this!!

I’ve developed personally and professionally – when I look back at the young callow youth (OK, at least three of those words are not quite accurate) who first presented at the conference I realise how far I’ve come since then. I now have a huge contact network, have key-noted at a conference, have developed a whole suite of presentations and ideas that I’ve used to great effect both within my company and in some cases externally. I have started (or at least rejuvenated) my external blog and my confidence has increased immeasurably. In short, I feel I have arrived and have somewhere to belong

I’ve gained a greater appreciation of the BA Community – as the years have gone by the community has grown and strengthened and I’ve been proud to have been a teeny part of that journey. I’ve also played a lot of that back into my own community at work

I’ve learnt A LOT about presentation skills and conferences in general – as a self-confessed ‘presentation geek’  I’ve been able to observe and learn a lot of useful stuff that I’ve incorporated into my training and coaching of others, plus have gained a huge admiration for the team at IRM who organise and run this behemoth year after year

I’ve had a huge amount of fun – from some of the more wacky presentations to some of the craic during the evenings there have been a whole lot of laughs

So, in summary, if you get the chance to go I would heartily recommend it, but as you may have seen, I’m biased!!

It’s been emotional……


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